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Bring in-person coaching home

Uplift coach

Stay game ready by training your athletes on your schedule, from anywhere.

Live Coaching Tools
Create in-class highlights and annotate live-video during sessions.
Use in-class spotlighting to engage with an athlete to motivate and instruct.
Live replay
Capture a clip of your athlete and instantly replay for the class to review.
Interactive Drills
Coach and train in new ways with interactive movement drills powered by AI.


Curate live and on-demand classes. Train one-on-one or in small groups, always be moving your athletes forward.

  • Secure, live video training rooms built from the ground up with a focus on movement performance.
  • Keep your athletes engaged with live, interactive drills.
  • Diagnostic tools like live replay, smart annotation and heart rate tracking.
  • Comprehensive team management, class creation and scheduling.


Interact with your team and coach like they are right there.

  • Join live or recorded classes and bring your training to you.
  • Connect and compete with your teammates via interactive drills, pushing you further.
  • Track your heart rate using an Apple Watch to monitor your performance gains.
  • Unlock achievements, log your progress and share your best moves on Instagram.

Join us and expand your coaching possibilities


Unlock the secrets to movement performance without wearables.

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Analyze Anywhere
Setup in minutes with no need for sensors, wearables, or expensive cameras, just two iPhones or iPads.
3D Visualizations
See your athlete's movement in full 3D to track changes and compare performance over time.
Movement Intelligence
Review and analyze auto-generated kinematic data for a deeper understanding of your athlete's movement patterns.
Video Synced with data
Review your movement videos along with synchronized annotations and metrics for detailed analysis.

Our mission

Improve human movement performance across all parts of life

We help people move better. Our AI-powered technology provides analytics to improve performance while minimizing injuries in sports, fitness, and our everyday lives. Uplift is a high performance workplace and believes in working and playing hard. If you'd like to be part of the early core team to help improve people's movement, let us know.

Meet the founding team

Sukemasa Kabayama
Co-Founder and CEO
Masa has held leadership roles at top global companies with a focus on innovation. Most recently as President of Tesla Motors Japan, he led the launch and market expansion strategy for the Model S. Prior to Tesla, Masa was Director of Education at Apple Japan, responsible for launching the iPad in the education sector and Country Manager at LEGO Education.
Jonathan Wills
Co-Founder and CTO
Jonathan is an engineer and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience. He was CEO & founder of Lumific, an intelligent photo management service, which was acquired by GoPro in 2015. At GoPro, he managed the computer vision team and built video-understanding technologies for smart video editing. Earlier in his career he worked in the motion picture industry.
Rahul Rajan
Rahul has 8+ years of experience designing and building context-aware systems. His expertise lies in Human Computer Interaction. For his thesis, he built one of the first proactive systems to estimate real-time driver task load to reduce driver distraction. Rahul received his PhD on Considerate Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

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