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In-Person Training & Coaching From Anywhere

Live remote training shouldn’t mean compromising on the benefits of in-person.

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Live coaching, without any limits
Conduct live classes, built for movement
Unlock the smoothest live experience for one-to-one or group training. The setup is simple. Using an iPad, just register, add your schedule and get started.
“Uplift gives us the flexibility to analyze movement and deliver real-time coaching while providing engaging workouts from basketball to sports performance, and even fun-first fitness classes!”
Julian Wright
Founder & CEO, A.D.A.P.T. Sports & Fitness
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A new standard for coaching and training
Unlike other platforms, Uplift was built specifically for coaches and trainers to improve movement and technique. Give feedback immediately, create in-class highlights and annotate on-the-go.
Live Coaching Tools
Create in-class highlights and use interactive drawing tools over live video.
Smart Annotations
Visualize movement patterns with AI-powered annotations that track body movement.
Use in-class spotlighting to highlight, motivate, and instruct your athletes.
Live replay
Record clips, at normal speed or in slow motion, for real-time playback.
Increase your revenue and profit
Promote availability and market your business
Focus on your core business and let Uplift support you on the rest. Create a website, market your classes, manage registrations and increase your reach, all in one place.
“Uplift allows me to broaden my business model by providing a seamless way to offer education and coaching to my customers. It provides the necessary graphic tools, scheduling, and fully integrated platform that I need to simplify and mobilize my business.”
Dave Phillips
Co-founder, Titleist Performance Center
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Effortless Booking and Streamlined Payments
Easy scheduling, seamless payment processing and integrated reporting make it easy to manage the dollars and cents and give you the visibility you need to keep your business on-track.
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End-to-End Solution
Don’t sweat the tech, sweat the technique. Our end-to-end solution is simple to set up, seamless to use and gives you time to focus on what matters; helping athletes and teams perform to their true potential.
In-Person Coaching and Training from Anywhere
Market your business and promote availability
Robust reporting for predictable revenue
Large team or organization? Uplift is designed with your business in mind.
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Get started with Uplift for free


For individuals and organizations that want to start building a remote training business

  • 7% Commision fee*
  • Online chat support


For large organizations requiring a customized plan tailored to your companies needs

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  • Customized Commission fee
  • Dedicated account manager support
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*Does not include Stripe fee of 2.9% + 30¢
Unlock performance through intelligent video analytics
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What is the cost for my athletes or members?
Uplift is free for your athletes and end-users -- unless you schedule a paid class.
Do you support a laptop browser version?
Coming soon. Our team is hard at work to bring the Uplift live classroom experience to laptops in early 2021.
How many athletes or members can join in a single class?
Since Uplift is built for live coaching and real-time feedback, we recommend a maximum of 12 participants in a class.