uplift CAPTURE

Unlock performance through intelligent video analytics

Capture accurate 3D biomechanics of an athlete's movement using only two iPhones.

Anytime, Anywhere, Movement Intelligence
Make data-driven decisions and help athletes perform to their true potential. Tested and trusted by MLB teams and some of the world's top coaches to give their athletes that extra edge.
Motion Capture On-the-Go
In the cage, on the field, or in the weight room, your biomechanical lab is now mobile.
3D Visualizations
Visualize movement, recreated in full 3D, for a new dimension of analysis.
Video Synced with data
Review your movement videos along with synchronized annotations and metrics for detailed analysis.
Powerful Analysis and Biomechanics Data
Give your athletes and teams that extra edge with AI-driven biomechanics data that provide first-rate insights into movement patterns and performance.
“3D motion capture has always been very expensive and difficult to use. Uplift promises to democratize 3D and finally make biomechanics analysis affordable to the coach and practical for use during a training session. I have been waiting for this technology for a long time and it seems it has finally arrived.”
Phil Cheetham
Director of Sport Technology and Innovation, USOPC
Track Changes and Compare Performance
Visualizing your athlete’s movement in 3D provides an immediate and effective teaching tool, and allows you to track changes and compare performance over time.
“As a coach who has used 3D analysis tools since the beginning, using sensors, markers, and expensive cameras, I can say Uplift Capture is the quickest, most efficient way to get accurate 3D biomechanical data.”
Rick Strickland
Owner, Rick Strickland Baseball
Simple Set-Up
Setup in seconds with just two iPhones and immediately start analyzing your athletes’ movement performance. No need for complicated sensors, wearables, or expensive cameras.
“The capability of getting sports science lab quality data using a couple of iPads or iPhones is really exciting. This is the trend in technological development and Uplift is leading the way.”
Dan Olds
Co-Owner, R&D Baseball
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How is Uplift Capture different from other motion capture systems?
No sensors or expensive hardware needed. Uplift Capture utilizes two iPhone videos to re-create your athlete’s movement in full 3D. With our web-based dashboard, you’ll analyze raw video synchronized with 3D visualization and movement data.
What’s the set-up?
Two iPhones, two tripods, and a little bit of space. Uplift Capture is easy to set-up and doesn’t require a lengthy calibration process. Open the app, pair your devices, and start Capturing.
Can I export raw kinematic data?
Yes. Each session, or clip, has movement data and joint coordinates that can be downloaded as a .json file.